Our Missions Philosophy

“A drop of water does not make a deep chasm in a rock by force, but by consistency.” ~Chinese Proverb


Here at Spindle City Vineyard we have made a conscious and intentional decision to create ongoing partnerships with both local and foreign missions groups.  We intentionally do not spread ourselves thin by supporting too many missions.  As a growing community we have dedicated ourselves to giving away 12% of our income directly to missions.  We support the efforts of our National Board of Vineyard USA with a small percentage and we give the remainder to the missions groups listed below.  


Much like the Chinese proverb above states, our desire in missions is to concentrate our efforts on a few prayerfully selected places and have long-term commitments that will allow us to see the impact over a period of time.  These consistent, long-term commitments provide opportunities for us to do short-term missions outreaches, invite our local and foreign missionaries to minister in our church and build relationships that have significant roots.  These partnerships give us the benefit of knowing that the Kingdom of God is moving and growing all over the globe and that our seeds, no matter how great or small, make a difference in the growth of God’s Kingdom on “earth as it is in heaven,” allowing us to fulfill God’s mission to “make disciples of every nation.”


Please browse the links below to learn more about our missionaries at home and around the globe.


Foreign Missions

Missio Dei Costa Rica, Les and Diana Morris

Les and Diana Morris describe themselves as "simply ordinary people who continue to follow hard after God." The Morris' have been on this journey since 1971, when they came to know Jesus. They have served in different capacities, including helping to establish the Manchester Vineyard Church in  Manchester, N.H.

In 2012, the Morris family left behind their children and grandchildren to "follow hard after God" once again. Feeling a call to missions in Latin America, they moved to Costa Rica and spent a year in language school, learning to communicate in Spanish.

Since graduating from language school, they found a home near the Los Anonos neighborhood where a Vineyard church has already been planted. It was there that God began to give them the vision for VAYA.

VAYA is a nine-month intensive training program for potential pastors / leaders. Les and Di invite young men and women with a call to ministry to live with them and serve alongside them. At the end of the training, these young minister are released back to their home churches to assist their pastors with the skills they have acquired. Some will go on to become pastors and church planters: Missio Dei Costa Rica.

Vineyard India Partnership

More to come...