Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a Christian essential that allows us to communicate directly with the Father and the Father with us.  It is with this understanding that we approach prayer at Spindle City Vineyard.  Our desire is to draw close to the Father’s heart, hear and see what he is doing and then partner with the Holy Spirit in touching and changing the lives of individuals within our church family, our community and beyond. At the Vineyard we accomplish this by having specific times that we pray.  Information and times are listed below. We encourage you to join us. 


Throughout the year we have different events for prayer including our Holy Spirit Weekends, Soaking Prayer Appointments, Intercessory Prayer, the Potter’s House and trainings in the Vineyard Prayer Model.


• Holy Spirit Weekends are times when we will have a guest speaker or one of our staff lead us in special teachings on the presence and works of the Holy Spirit.  These are extended times of teachings and ministry that are excellent for personal growth.


• Soaking Prayer Appointments are specific times that are scheduled with one of our prayer teams. These concentrated prayer times are set aside for physical, mental and emotional healing where the Holy Spirit can meet you personally in a confidential environment.  Please make these appointments with our church office.


• Intercessory Prayer is done twice a month at the Vineyard.  We meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for a time of corporate prayer for the vision and direction of our church, the needs of our community, and our missions efforts.  We also use this time to pray for one another.


• The Vineyard Prayer Model is a teaching within the Vineyard Movement that trains church members in prayer ministry.  We value the “everyone gets to play” mentality so we believe that everyone deserves proper training as well.  This model gives confidence to those that are praying for others while creating a safe environment for people to receive prayer.  Please sign up for one of these when offered.  


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